Monday, September 15, 2008


As we lay there in the dark, I understood;
Suddenly it was all that easy.
Something about the way he was holding me was so comforting.
I was in his big, strong arms; the ones that never cease at making me feel safe.
And as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear I felt so grounded.
He did not know I could hear him, but in my half-asleep state I was struggling to catch every last bit.
He was pouring out his heart to me;
And that is something I knew was more difficult for him than anything else in this strange world.
He started out by telling me I was beautiful;
And instantly the tears swelled up in my eyes.
You could tell by the wavering passion in his voice that this was not any sort of ordinary statement.
I nearly choked on the knot that was building up inside my throat.
He continued about how he could see the future;
How he could see us falling asleep night after night together, "just like this."
I could not control the butterflies inside my stomach.
I agreed more than I ever had before with everything he was saying.
I was no longer afraid of how I felt for this man.
I wanted to turn around and reassure him, but I kept quiet instead.
I was, of course, curious about the rest of what he had to say, so I let him finish:
"It's the moments like this" he said, "I live for."
He confessed to me how strong his feelings were;
And told me that someday I would understand.
Little did he know I had felt the most comfortable in those few moments than I had anywhere with anyone for months...
I do not remember falling asleep.
But I do remember that before he left he kissed my forhead;
Then he lowered his mouth close to my ear and whispered, "I love you Chloe."